Wednesday, September 18

I'm Baaaack!!!!

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What has been going on with the Frosch Family over the past year or two? Quite a lot.

Robert is now the Associate Dean for the College of Engineering at Purdue University. He is doing an AWESOME job!!! He has been doing a lot of work still with ACI. They are working on making changes to the building code this cycle. It has taken a lot of time and effort; but, I am assured it will be worth it. :)

Lizzie (age 6 1/2) is now in 1st Grade at Klondike Elementary School. After a disasterous Kindergarten year at St. Mary School, we decided to make the switch to public school. She now has a paraprofessional working with her everyday and other support throughout the week. She is blooming!!!!

Thomas (age 5) started Kindergarten this year. It has been amazing!!! He was completely ready to go to school. I have issues with my baby being in full day school, but I am slowly getting over it.

I have officially started a new blog. This one is strictly for me. I was just diagnosed with Kidney Cancer earlier this week. I decided that I needed a way to get information out about that to a larger group of people at one time. The blog address is I have next to nothing posted right now, but it will be posted soon. Other than that major bomb, I am doing well. I went back to work for a year teaching Computer Technology at St. Boniface. When all of the troubles for Lizzie happened, I decided to quit so that I could help her more.

We took a FANTASTIC family vacation to Disney World this summer. It was really hot, but we had a great time.

I am going to do my best to keep this blog up to date . . . but, I'm not making any promises!!!!

Thursday, May 3

Mother's Tea With Thomas

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Thomas's preschool class had a special "tea" party with the moms today. The kids made hats for us (that we had to wear). They also made a little book called "All About Our Moms". Here you go . . . . This is how well Thomas knows me. :)

My Mom
By Thomas

My mom's favorite food is mashed potatoes.
My mom's favorite color is brown.
My mom's favorite place to go is Italian (restaurant).
My mom's age is 62.
I love my mom because she likes to play outside all day.

It sounds like I need to sign up for AARP and Medicare soon. lol!!!!!

Monday, April 30

Do The Locomotion . . .

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Lizzie's dance recital was on Saturday, April 28th. Her class danced to "The Locomotion". It has been a journey getting to this point. She has been attending dance lessons at Morton Community Center since the Fall semester. The teachers have been very open with letting parents know what the girls have been doing in dance and what we can do to help them. Well . . . . Lizzie would never practice her dance at home. According to her teacher, it was hit or miss on whether she would even do it in class. Naturally, I was a little nervous when it came time for the recital. All of my worries were for nothing. As soon as the music started, she turned it on. She was spectacular. Above is a picture of Lizzie in her dance costume. Thomas also had to get in on the photo action. Next is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Frosch, Thomas, Lizzie, and Grandma and Grandpa Tuttle. I have been trying to upload the video of the performance with very little luck. If I can figure it out I will post later. :)

Thursday, April 26

End Of The School Year

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We have almost reached the end of the school year. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that. On one side, we no longer have to be up and out early in the morning. On the other side, we don't really have anywhere that we have to be. That isn't to say that this summer isn't going to be fun.

Robert, the kids, and I are going to be taking a cruise in May. We are taking Robert's parents down to New Orleans to visit with family that they haven't seen in almost 2 years. We decided that a nice vacation was in order while we were there. Carnival Cruiselines takes out of the Port of New Orleans. So, this was a perfect fit. We are taking a 5 night cruise that stops in Progreso, Mexico and Cozumel, Mexico. We have never taken a cruise before; so, we thought this made a lot of sense. We also got a heck of a deal on it since we are not quite at the peak cruising season yet. I will post pictures of that when we get back.

Lizzie is finishing up her dance class with a recital on Saturday. She has been taking the fundementals of Jazz and Ballet II. Her class is going to be doing a dance to "The Locomotion". I don't know if we will be able to get any pictures or video of the dance (We have been told that it is not allowed). If I do get some, I will post them.

That 's about all from here. We are just wrapping up the school stuff and getting ready for the summer activities. More to come as the summer progresses (if I get my act together). :)

Friday, February 24

Frustrated Momma!!!!

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This is not the typical post that I would normally do . . . but, I have to complain. I mentioned in the last post that I wanted to get a Cricut machine for my scrapbooking adventures. I finally got the Minister of Finance (aka Robert) to approve the purchase. So, I went to purchase the item as well as a few cartridges (because you have to have the cartridges to use the machine) from Creative Xpress. Well, I get everything in order and click the check out button and . . . . The online checkout is not working. Well, I called the company and they have no idea when the online checkout will be available again; but, I could feel free to purchase my items from their more expensive sister site. A friend found out that they are just doing inventory. . . Whatever!!!

So, I decided to move on to Plan B . . . Amazon (dot) com. They had the machine for the price I was wanting to spend; so, I ordered it.  It has been nearly a week and it STILL has not shipped. I feel like a child waiting for Christmas Day. IT'S NEVER GONNA GET HERE!!!!!

Meanwhile, Creative Xpress is still not done with the inventory and I still have a small list of things that I have been approved to purchase from them. So, for now I am just stalking these websites to see what is going on. They should probably know that each time I check them, I am giving them the stink-eye for slowing down my creativity.

Below is a picture of the machine I am getting IF it ever ships.

Sunday, February 19

Better Late Than Never . . .

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So much for keeping up on the blog . . . Here is an update on what we have been up to since the last post. First, we decided to finish our basement. Work started on October 31st and concluded around Dec. 23rd. We now have a gigantic playroom, full bathroom, and "office". The construction process turned out to be a really good experience for me (I was the one who had to deal with the day-to-day stuff). We all love having the extra space. Pictures will be posted . . . eventually.

Christmas came and went without much hoopla. Lizzie got the official Cinderella Castle from DisneyWorld (well, more like The Disney Store Online) as her big Santa gift. Thomas got the Buzz Lightyear Space Ship. They are having alot of fun protecting the universe and the kingdom from the evil in the world.

January found us getting back into the swing of things. Robert, Thomas, and Lizzie all went back to school. I was grateful to have the family back to a "normal" routine. It is great being able to do something different, but it is equally wonderful to resume the regular routine.

Lizzie also went back to dance class. She will have a recital at the end of April. The class is doing a dance to "The Locomotion". It should be interesting to see how she does with it because I am having a difficult time getting her to practice the moves with me.

I spent a day in early February scrapbooking at a local church. The end result of that trip was that I now what to buy a Cricut cutting machine. It is AMAZING and soooooo much fun!!!!! It's only a matter of time before it is mine!!!! hahahaha!!!!

Probably the most significant thing that happened in February was . . . .drum roll please . . . WE SIGNED LIZZIE UP FOR KINDERGARTEN!!!!! I am having heart palpitations over this. It just doesn't seem possible to be knocking on the kindergarten door yet; but, here it is. We decided to send her (and subsequently Thomas) to our local Catholic Schools. I taught at both of the schools that the kids will be going to before Lizzie was born. It was a tough decision to make because our local public schools are very good (I did my student teaching at the public school that they would be going to if we chose public school). After touring both schools, asking a lot of questions, and making a plus/minus chart for each . . . The Catholic School System won.

Other than what I have already written about . . . There is nothing going on here. We are just living our lives and trying to make it to Spring when the kids are better able to go outside to play.  Hopefully in the near future, I will get some pictures posted on here . . . but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Friday, October 28

It's Dancey Dance Time!!!!

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We started Lizzie in dance class this semester. This is the first thing she has EVER asked us for. So, of course, we had to sign her up. She is in Introduction to Jazz and Ballet on Monday evenings at Morton Community Center. She has been going for about a month and absolutely LOVES it.  The following photos are from the first day of class. I am not sure why she wanted to pose with Rapunzel . . . but, hey, whatever.

Lizzie's tights are so big on her. I just had to take this picture. :)

All dressed and ready for our first dance class.
Parents are not allowed to sit in on the class; however, they do let us in for the last 10 minutes. Everytime I have been in there, they are doing some gymnastics (backbends) and yoga (tree pose). Then they do a small obstacle course. It is actually pretty cute. Lizzie is certainly improving. The teacher says that she follows directions and participates well. The following video was taken a couple weeks ago during the last couple minutes of class. Lizzie is in the background, on the mat, last one on the right (in blue). Enjoy!!!!


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